Sister Fox Farm was established in Fall 2017 in Athens, GA.  We are Aura and Dave, aspiring homesteaders and lovers of nature.  We are located on what used to be family farmland on the north side of Athens.  This land was farmed in cotton for many generations, and then, like much of the land in the area, it was divided up and sold in parcels and allowed to grow up in trees and brush.  The house was left in disrepair, until the previous owner bought it and put years of time and energy into restoring it to beauty.


Aura lived on this land for several years as a renter and fell in love with it.  To read about the story of how her community originally came to this land, go to Our Name. When the previous owner contacted Aura about buying the land, she jumped at the chance to start her own farm, and persuaded Dave to go on the journey with her!   

Athens, GA 30601


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