Almost 10 years ago, a local nature connection school called Wild Intelligence was just getting its start in Athens.  The founder of Wild Intelligence was walking nearby, scouting out some land, and he happened to see a gray fox across the street.  He followed that fox and discovered what came to be known as the Gray Fox Farmhouse, or simply, "The Farmhouse."  He reached a rental agreement with the owners, and this farmhouse became the headquarters for Wild Intelligence.  Parents dropped their kids off there for programs, a small office was established, and several staff members rotated through as renters.  Many potlucks and gatherings were held in the yard, and The Farmhouse helped build beautiful memories for lots of people looking for connection to nature and community here in Athens. 


That same farmhouse is the home we now live in.  The name of our farm, besides having implications for Our Philosophy of farming, is a tribute to the gray fox, the founder of Wild Intelligence, and the community that grew up around that organization and touched so many.

Athens, GA 30601


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