Our name, Sister Fox Farm, is both a tribute to the fox who led our friends to this land and shares our home with us, and a representation of the philosophy that we strive to live out as we caretake this land.  We consider the fox, the hawk, the songbirds, the trees and green plants, and even the insects to be kin and community members here, and we respect their right to live and thrive here.  We see ourselves not as "owners," but as stewards of this small parcel of earth.  We hope to leave it better than we found it.  We hope to face conflicts with our fellow "land-mates" with thoughtfulness and generosity.  Just like in our human relationships, it is important to us to consider the needs of all and look for mutually satisfying solutions.  This means that we don't poison the land or the creatures that live on here.  This means that we may put up barriers to protect our vegetables and livestock, but we accept that we will also share the bounty.  This means that if we clear land, we will consider the impacts carefully and strive to maintain and create wildlife habitat.  Our name represents our genuine intention to remember that the other creatures here are our sisters and brothers and to do our best to act from that understanding.

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